With Valdorcia the heart and craftsmanship of signature terracotta is reinterpreted. The immense countryside, the dotting of pine trees that lead to a home path, the vineyards and the rolling hills. The warm tones that assure us of the rhythms of Tuscan nature.

Here, in fact, for centuries the potter has represented a true icon, a key figure who guards the secrets of local craftsmanship which owes much to the properties of the soil from which the raw material, clay, is obtained, whose plasticity has allowed to the tanner to indulge in the production and shapes of objects based on their relative functions of use.

Qui, infatti, da secoli il vasaio rappresenta una vera e propria icona, una figura chiave che custodisce i segreti dell’artigianato locale che molto deve alle proprietà del suolo da cui si ricava la materia prima, l’argilla, la cui plasticità ha permesso al concaio di sbizzarrirsi nella produzione e nelle forme degli oggetti in base alle relative funzioni d’uso.

Today, like yesterday, passion, enthusiasm and patience are among the main ingredients that allow artisans to pass down the craft from generation to generation: simplifying the task by allowing them to play with imagination and creativity without neglecting the refinement of style is certainly the plasticity of terracotta which allowed the creation of extremely varied shapes in relation to the different functions of use.

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To give greater resistance to the mixture we made a cut with a clay coming from the Impruneta area where the soil is mostly made up of Galestro.

This element is a clayey shale, born from the compression of the clay, which, without altering the plasticity, allows the creation of products resistant over time to frost and natural weather.

The presence of “calcinelli” is not a defect but a peculiar characteristic of the dough, however
this is necessary to wet the item with water immediately after cooking

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